Flexible management

Flexible management of filter lists and mechanisms used.


Pop-Up ADS

You will forget about annoying ads and pop-up ads


Time & Traffic

Save time and internet traffic by blocking ads before they are uploaded to your device.

The main functions

that provide ADFree Internet

  • Blocking

    Blocking ads before they are downloaded.

  • Hiding

    Hiding advertising banners via CSS

  • Pop-Ups

    Blocking pop-ups and auto-playing video ads with sound.

  • Exception List

    User-defined Domain Name Exception List, which you make up yourself

  • Tabs

    Disables filtering in the tabs you choose

  • Protects your browser from malicious and spyware scripts by using a list of popular domain names used by malware


We do not track you or your activity! We take your personal information and privacy very seriously. Confidentiality is one of our core values. We only collect and store data for statistics on the installation and use of our extension. The communication channel between ADFree Internet and our servers uses traffic encryption.